Our services are ideal for Small and Medium-sized Businesses. No matter how or where your company operates, the Internet has the potential to make your business more profitable and effective. We will help you use the advantages of the Internet to grow your business. Our company provides:

  • eCommerce Solutions, including Development and Support of sites engaged in web-sales.
  • Development of custom websites, online databases, and CRM systems (learn more specifics about the opportunities offered by clicking here.
  • Individual service and commitment.
  • Core languages and technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  • Absolute confidentiality with all of our customers.
  • Tech-support which can continue even after the completion of the project.

Remember, a business that does not properly use the Internet cannot hope to survive in the 21st Century!

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Key features

We have experience in providing ready-made solutions for custom online database systems

  • Access to your database and its management is attained via internet browser from any computer (no software installation required)
  • Administrator can create users and manage them, as well as limit access for selected users.
  • User can create new items in the database, edit existing items and delete items.
  • User can quickly search for an item.
  • User can filter items and quickly choose only those items which correspond to defined filtering conditions.
  • The system can send automatic email notifications about specific events.
  • User can communicate with other users through an internal messaging system.
  • User can leave comments/notes about the items.
  • User can see an events feed about actions performed by other users on items in the database.

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We perfectly understand traders' concerns about privacy relating to their trading idea and strategy. All the information we receive from clients remains 100% confidential. Our reputation is vital to our business success, and we would never do anything to jeopardize that. We also offer a Non-Disclosure Agreement which can be provided for your peace of mind.

If you want to sign the NDA before proceeding further, please contact us. We will gladly add in any steps in order to further cement our commitment to you, your security, and your ideas.


Our customers are very appreciate of the individual attention we provide, as well as our quality and total commitment to each project - beginning with understanding a customer's needs and following through with technical support after completing the project.

Please see below forfeedback from our customers about our work.

IT-компания Emet Solutions действительно значительно отличается от конкурентов своей креативностью, простотой и скоростью выполнения самых с первого взгляда непонятных заданий. Как например, создание сайта для Еврейского медицинского центра JMC. Ведь когда мы начинали создавать медицинский центр, была только идея, которую необходимо было воплотить в жизнь. Благодаря Emet-Solutions эта идея обрела зримые очертания в виде современного, интересного, яркого и легко управляемого сайта.
Благодаря сайту наш медицинский центр стал ближе, доступней и понятней для наших клиентов. Мы гордимся сотрудничеством с такими людьми, как Вадим. Большое спасибо за Вашу работу!
Интересных Вам проектов и благоданых клиентов.
С уважением и благодарностью.

Вера Волчек

Фирма работает вполне профессионально. Все наши требования по функциональному и эстетическому наполнению сайта, а также по модернизации и разного рода корректировкам были выполнены оперативно и по адекватной цене.

Роман Ткач

Great job on understanding the work, completing it well and fast. Most importantly-after submitting you completed work,they are ready to help you by answering quickly and professionally to any questions regarding the practicality work of the site.

Aleksandr Royter

בשורות אלו אנו רוצים להביע את שביעות רצוננו מהשירות שלכם, ומכך שאתם משתדלים תמיד להבין את צרכי הלוקח ומנסים במידת האפשר למצוא פתרון לכל בעיה, אנו מאחלים לכם שתמשיכו לשרת עוד הרבה לקוחות מרוצים.

אברהם גבירצמן

Очень доволен сотрудничеством с этой фирмой. В первую очередь потому, что интернет-магазин был сделан именно так, как я хотел. Именно с тем уникальным дизайном и функциями - которые были мне необходимы. Быстро, качественно и по нормальной цене.

Анатолий Молочный

Очень доволен сотрудничеством. Быстро и качественно сделали сайт в соответствии со всеми пожеланиями.

Арье Шварц


Emet-Solutions is an ideal partner for businesses and consultants who want to collaborate in the field of web development.

Do you have web development experience in the USA, Canada, Israel, or Europe? We would be glad to have you as our business partner.

The goal is simple: you sell the service of outsourcing web development and we do high quality work for a reasonable price.

If you hesitate, you will lose time! Contact us right now through the form on the right with any questions or ideas you have. We will discuss partnership possibilities with you and will determine how we can grow together.

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it works? Please contact us through the form on the right.

Emet-Solutions - is a team of professionals specializing in custom web development for business.
We have extensive knowledge and experience in this field, which we utilize to provide an individual approach to each customer. Because we gain an understanding of our customers' true needs, our solutions are effective and our customers are happy. We have been in operation since 2009 and have experience with various types of small to medium-sized projects.
Our primary emphasis is on development and support of custom websites, online databases, CRM systems and effective e-commerce solutions.
We have the experience necessary to provide ready-made solutions for those in need of custom online database systems. Please follow this link to learn more about such systems and their features.

Our projects – is development and support of e-commerce, which do sell. Also CRM systems and websites, providing access to customer’s database via internet.

In more details about such systems you can learn by following this link.

Do you want to see how this system looks and works?
Please use the form on the right to request a demo!

What we do

Emet-Trading-Solutions serves you from conception through the entire life of the project. All we need to get started is a description from you of your trading idea. We then help each client to turn their ideas into concrete solutions.

Emet-Trading-Solutions offers the following core services:

  • Programming of custom automated strategies.
  • Programming of custom indicators.
  • Development for a wide range of trading platforms including NinjaTrader, MetaTrader (MT4/MT5), TradeStation, eSignal,
    OEC Trader, MultiCharts, etc.
  • Conversion of automated strategies and/or indicators between different platforms.
  • High level of security and confidentiality.
  • Highly efficient service, always completing all projects within the agreed timeframe and specified fixed budget.
  • Individualized solutions and dedication to personal service.
  • Professional technical support.
Why auto trading?

What are the advantages of using automatic trading strategies?

  • High speed execution - a computer can monitor and trade multiple markets simultaneously and react much faster than a human trader.
  • Hands-free execution - once the trading strategy is running, the trader does not have to be tied-up to the computer. The server is the one handling the strategy management and execution.
  • Removes the influences of human emotion.
  • Accuracy of execution - the computer is not affected by fatigue or other human vulnerabilities which may cause mistakes such as pressing the wrong button.
  • Improved decision-making - trading strategies can quickly and easily handle complicated calculations required for split-second decisions, whereas a human trader may encounter difficulties.

There is no need to continue to run strategies manually. Your own auto trading robot will be able to comprehend your strategy and trade for you! It will trade better than you!

Whom do we serve
  • Our services include programming robots for automatic trading for a wide range of clients worldwide, from individuals to corporations.
  • Some of our clients automate their trading idea in order to implement for their own trading purposes while others program an automatic trading strategy for sale to other traders.
  • We have an international clientele, and there are no geographic, technical, or other barriers that would inhibit us from serving our clients.

After years of trading manually, many people find automated solutions a breath of fresh air, a means of trading for the 21st century.

Our partners

We are a NinjaTrader Certified Consultant Partner.


Kinetick - Our Preferred Market Data Vendor

Active traders world-wide demand reliability, speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness from their financial market data provider and Kinetick delivers it to them every day! Kinetick provides fast, unfiltered, real time quotes for stocks, futures and forex that exceed the expectations of the world's most demanding traders, like us!

Please visit the Kinetick website to learn more about its capabilities including how it can be used for FREE with End-of-Day data and how to eliminate CME Group Globex exchange fees on real-time market data!


NinjaTrader is our #1 recommended active trader platform. We are pleased to offer NinjaTrader to our clients for many reasons but one great reason is that you can get started with NinjaTrader for Free! Why pay hundreds of dollars per month for products with less functionality when with NinjaTrader all you need is access to a real-time or historical data feed. You can also connect NinjaTrader to Kinetick, our recommended market data service, for free End-of-Day data!

Download NinjaTrader Now

NinjaTrader provides superior order entry options!

If you are using the wrong trading platform, order submission and trade management can be a timely and error prone process. Since 2003, NinjaTrader has pioneered easy to use yet powerful order entry and trade management functionality to overcome the limitations of other trading platforms helping our clients better achieve their trading goals!

The innovative NinjaTrader SuperDOM and Chart Trader set the benchmark for order entry screens and is one reason we recommend it to our clients. Considered the industry's best order entry screens they provide traders with ease of operation, clear trade visualization and fast entry to capitalize on today's markets.


  • Easy to see trade visualization
  • Single click order entry, modification and cancellation
  • Can be use with Advanced Trade Management (ATM) module

Chart Trader

  • Easy to see trade visualization on the chart
  • Single click order entry, modification and cancellation from the chart
  • Can be use with Advanced Trade Management (ATM) module

NinjaTrader is the industry leader in trade management features!

Advanced Trade Management (ATM) is NinjaTrader's signature order management technology that lets you pre-define personal trade management strategies including; multiple profit targets and stop loss orders, one-cancels-other (OCO) orders, auto-breakeven stops, trailing stops and much more. This feature can significantly enhance trade performance by automatically submitting all entry/exit orders within milliseconds! This feature alone tends to cover the cost of the platform while simultaneously lowering your stress level by eliminating the "deer in the headlights" feeling commonly associated with manually managing multiple exit orders in fast moving markets.

  • Easily specify multi-stage exit parameters
  • Single check box to create an auto-breakeven stop
  • Highly configurable and easy to use auto-trail stop

Utilize NinjaTrader's comprehensive market analytics tools to help find trading opportunities!

Regardless of what markets you trade, what style of trader you are or if you require real time or end of day analytics, the NinjaTrader trading platform provides you the tools to analyze the markets and your trading ideas in a flexible, customizable and user-friendly manner that helps you trade better.


  • Powerful market visualization
  • Multi-time frame and multi-instrument analysis
  • Over 100 pre-built customizable indicators plus 100s of optional 3rd party indictors

Other Analysis Tools

  • Trade performance tool
  • Market Analyzer
  • Strategy analyzer

Automate and customize your trading!

Take your trading to the next level through custom development and trade automation! NinjaTrader provides you with the ability to automate your trading strategies whether they were developed natively using NinjaScriptR or in an external application such as TradeStation.

Automated and Custom Trading

  • Develop or purchase automated trading strategies
  • Analyze automated trading strategies
  • Execute automated trading strategies
  • Process Trading signals from external applications
  • Create or purchase 3rd party custom charting indicators

Choice of Market Data Services and Broker Connectivity Options

NinjaTrader is a broker independent trading platform so you have choice on where you can execute your trades. NinjaTrader supports all leading independent market data service providers including Kinetick, our preferred market data service. Paper trade and do your analysis with real time data without having to pay a single penny for software!

NinjaTrader is committed to providing Education and Support

Our team is technically familiar with NinjaTrader and provides basic client assistance. The NinjaTrader team however is deeply versed in all aspects of platform operation and can be easily accessed through email or their support forum. Their dedicated team of twenty plus client support specialist are at the ready should you ever need platform assistance. In addition, NinjaTrader provides daily educational webinars and a complete context sensitive online user's manual interlaced with many product videos to minimize your platform learning curve.

Education and Support

  • Free daily NinjaTrader training webinars
  • Media rich help guide
  • Video library
  • Active user community

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We are based in Ukraine.

Tel. +38-095-845-0613

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Our professional members will reply promptly to the e-mail provided to answer your questions and evaluate your project.

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